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Internship in Poland

We expect you to read the job description carefully and apply only if you consider yourself qualified and your language fluency meets company requirements. Also, we expect you to properly prepare all the necessary documents.

Documents required:

  1. Student Nominated Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae with photo
  3. Cover letter addressed to the employer
  4. Language Certificate
  5. List of subjects
  6. Transcript of records with legend, in English or with translation prepared by professional translator. NOTE: You do not have to enclose this document, if it is not specified in the form “O”.
  7. Certificate of Enrolment. NOTE: Required at all times. The document must confirm that you are a student during the entire applied training period.
  8. Reference Letter. Any kind of references (e.g. from your university, companies where you worked before etc.) are desired and can help you getting the acceptance.
  9. Additional Certificates. Enclose any certificate you have, language (e.g. FCE, CAE) or technical, as they can improve your chances.
  10. Passport scan (page with your data and photo only). NOTE: Required for citizens of the country outside European Union.

Student Nominated Form and Cover Letter should be signed.

We expect you to enclose all required documents in ONE FILE in order as listed above. The file has to be in PDF format, with the maximum size not exceeding 3 MB. Please name the file according to the scheme: Ref.No._Name_Surname. For example: Pl-2016-ULO001_Tom_Smith.pdf

For Architectural Offers please always enclose an electronic version of your portfolio in a separate file (not exceeding 6 MB). For example: PL-2016-ULO001_Tom_Smith_portfolio.pdf

PLEASE NOTE: You must be under 26 years old to apply for these offers.